Liverpool team, is a group of firepower "run men". The first five rounds of the Premiership kicked the audience Henderson, the total running distance of 60.4KM, averaging more than 12KM, ranking the entire Premiership No. 2; Lalana before the first five rounds played 424 minutes, running distance of 59.4KM, Ranked third in the Premier League, every 90 minutes running distance for the amazing 12.6KM. Left-back Milner, right-back Klein, in the avant-garde Weinar Dum, winger Marne Larry Murphy Jersey, are physically energetic, athletic ability team player, it is in line with Clop's request Conor Sheary Jersey. Interestingly, after the arson case, the local police have been in the Flinton area, the Cardiff area and the North Wales region to carry out the relevant detective work, the police can not wait to find Emma's cousin Delin (Epiphany Dring) Nick Bonino Jersey, Delin can also be described as a small place in the local, because she is some of the local porn sites "star", Delin has been with Emma's grandparents live together, the police also suspected the malicious attacks The real goal is Delin and not Emma's grandparents. Not only to small fans delighted, Ozil I also feel good after the game Bryan Trottier Jersey. In the push, Ozil uploaded a short video to the little ball jersey, said: "There is nothing more than to see the child's eyes flashing light better!" Not only the game amazing, Ozil or A football warmman Round of the Premiership victory over Chelsea, Ozil's performance is perfect: 100% extraordinary success rate, 90% pass success rate, create 3 goals, 1 shot, 1 goal. After the game Ozil also focused on Arsenal's first half of the wonderful play: "The first half 45 minutes Bryan Rust Jersey, we played Arsenal should play the technology and level, a series of fast offensive transmission, and our opponents are even The ball can not touch.