From the staff configuration point of view, Liverpool is far from the top, the paper strength as Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and even Arsenal, but Klopp to the team into the passion and power, which is mainly reflected in the running distance - Premier League 5 Round, Liverpool team total running distance of 581 Craig Adams Jersey.6KM, ranked first in the Premier League, doing down, slag team running more than 116KM. We can use Manchester United as a reference, Mourinho's team, running only 105KM, Liverpool less than 11KM. Liverpool super running ability Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey, the equivalent of 12 people in the field playing the game. Bell's posture is also really let the local fans to the hotel chasing stars frightened: "When the Real Madrid players came to stay at the hotel Josh Archibald Jersey, there are many fans crazy want to see the idol in mind, when the scene there are many And when we came to the door of the third floor of the Bell room, we were stunned because the three policemen stood outside the room. "Obviously they did not like our uninvited guest, feeling that we might be unpopular After that, we also had no choice but to leave there. "The fans of the chasing star so preaching," in such a luxury hotel such a thing happened, really some unusual. Arsenal in the London Derby 3-0 big break Chelsea, and finally in many years after the opponent proudly Kael Mouillierat Jersey. After the game, the outstanding performance of Ozil jerseys thrown to the sidelines of a small fan, Erzu small fans ecstatic, holding the idol's jersey heard and smell Adam Clendening Jersey, seems to say: "You see ah! Zheir jersey! Original flavor! Original flavor!