Bryant's performance won the Jordan's respect, the game into the garbage time, Jordan actually take the initiative to ask Phil - Jackson let him stay in the field to continue with Bryant bit, this is his tribute to Kobe Bryant Rod Gilbert Jersey. Jordan's teammate Harper said: "Bryant is a good young player, the next day will take the torch of Jordan, but I do not think Jordan is now ready to pass the torch to Kobe Bryant. After the game, Jennings and Walter in the interview accused McKee did not matter when the last moment to vote three points. "It's a disrespect to us," said Wall, "absolutely." Jennings said that in that case he was certainly not able to let the opponent throw that ball. Not only the Wizards camp on the McKee's shot that dissatisfaction, even the Warriors coach Cole, also the love of this behavior was unhappy. After the end of the game Oscar Lindberg Jersey, Cole specifically found the Wizards coach Brooks, to his own apologies. After the day before the victory over the Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies locked a playoffs, will be the seventh consecutive year to participate in the playoffs Mike Gartner Jersey. It also made them the third long team in addition to the Spurs and Eagles Dan Boyle Jersey. In the highly competitive West, the Grizzlies, which have been lacking in the star, have been able to achieve such success, but if they see the atmosphere of the veteran team, they can not help but lament that they are worthy of such records Adam Graves Jersey.